Prof. Dr. Gerard van Koten

Distinguished Professor of the Utrecht University

Symposium 13 September 2012

On September 13, 2012 collegues and former PhD students of Prof. Van Koten organized the scientific symposium “Disappear to begin: status after five years’ in honor of Prof. Gerard van Koten, ermeritus professor at Utrecht University since 2007, who reached the age of 70 on this very day. It had been exactly five years since his retirement.¬† With this symposium former colleagues and PhD students wanted to thank¬† Prof. Van Koten for the important role he has played in the education and career of many students, PhD students and (former) employees. During his retirement Prof. Van Koten remains active. Professor Van Koten is still carrying out work for the Utrecht University and the Section of Organic Chemistry and Catalysis through an honorary appointment . He has also played an important role in the development of the New Chemistry curriculum at national level.

During the symposium lectures were given by experts in the field of Organic Chemistry and Catalysis, as well as presentations by former PhD students who gave an insight in their current carreers, looking back at their PhD in the research group, putting Professor Van Koten the spotlight.

The symposium was open to former colleagues of Professor. Gerard van Koten and for students of the Faculty of Science of the Utrecht University. The afternoon ended with a networking reception. The symposium was attended by 85 people.